1977 Kee Games Drag Race Upright Arcade Machine

1977 Kee Games Drag Race Upright Arcade Machine
1977 Kee Games Drag Race Upright Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 2U121
Monitor: TEC TM-623
Size D x W x H: 32" x 38 1/8" x 67"
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A descent semi-working game. Does have cosmetic cabinet corner damage. Side art is there but getting dry and peeling in areas (can be glued back in place maybe). Monitor has been rebuilt and gone through by Sharp Image in Las Vegas. Monitor shows very little screen burn. Original operating manual with schematics included. New backdoor just like the original premium plywood door with lock hole. Monitor color plexi is in great shape. The cardboard bezel is in great shape. The marquee/monitor bezel is in very good condition. Wiring looks all good, except a few wires have been removed from the coin door, but are there.

Currently plays blind, but the monitor checks out as good. Buttons and controls work good, even the tachometers work. This was on location at the Banning California Pinball Museum and sold at their auction.

Will consider trades for this machine..

Race against a competitor or the computer. Wait until the start tree shows green, hit the accelerator, and get to fourth gear as soon as you can to get the checkered flag. Do not shift too fast, though, or you will blow the engine.