1977 Midway Double Play Upright Arcade Machine

1977 Midway Double Play Upright Arcade Machine
1977 Midway Double Play Upright Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 1058
Size D x W x H: 31 1/4" x 26 1/2" x 65 1/2"
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A very nice fully working game. All the controls have been gone through and rebuilt. The entire cabinet has been cleaned and gone through. Has a new bottom base with new levelers. New lower back door. Monitor is nice and bright and works great. What a fun baseball game that can be played single or two players.

Includes original instructions and schematics.

A video "Pitch 'n Bat" style game in single player mode. In two-player mode the first player bats while the other pitches and fields the ball. When three outs have been made, players change roles.

Double Play is a baseball arcade game which was released by Midway Games in 1977; it utilizes an Intel 8080 microprocessor running at 1.9968 MHz, and is the sequel to Tornado Baseball, which was released in the previous year. Unlike in the original, it is now possible to play against the CPU (which will always start as the pitcher then take on the batter role after three outs have occurred) - but in the case of a two-player game, both players will again play on the same $0.25. The pitching player must now use a diagonal 4-way joystick to select one of only four different pitches as opposed to the eight of the original, while using a rotary controller to move the outfielders left and right; the batting player, however, must now again only use one button, to swing his bat. On the upright cabinet, both players will also again be using the same set of controls, and will again have to change places in front of the cabinet every time three outs occur - however, with the cocktail cabinet, they will have no need to do this because of the dual controls. The number of innings you will receive for one coin again depends on how the cabinet is set, but if it's less than nine you'll again have to insert another coin to continue.