1980 Midway Hangly-Man (Pac-Man) Cabaret Arcade Game

1980 Midway Hangly-Man (Pac-Man) Cabaret Arcade Game
1980 Midway Hangly-Man (Pac-Man) Cabaret Arcade Game
Location: Castaic, CA
Serial Number: 3696
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A very nice 100% original game, except for the hack. Privately owned in a home since early 1980's. Cabinet is very solid, does show some wear and tear from owners moving game from home to home. Glass bezel is a perfect 10, marquee is also perfect 10. Monitor recapped May 2012.

Hangly-Man is a hacked clone of the Pac-Man arcade game. It appeared sometime around 1981, at the height of the Pac-Man craze. Hangly is said to be an Engrish corruption of the word hungry. The word only appears in the phrase Bonus Hangly-Man at 10,000 points, which is displayed when a coin is deposited.

Hangly-Man was typically in a Pac-Man cabinet, implying that it was a regular Pac-Man game. When a coin was inserted, the Hangly-Man name would appear on the screen instead of Pac-Man, along with the company name Nittoh. A 1981 date appeared on the screen, but there was no copyright notice.

Hangly-Man used the original Japanese Pac-Man's ghost names:

  • The red ghost was Oikake, nicknamed Akabei
  • The pink ghost was Machibuse, nicknamed Pinky
  • The light blue ghost was Kimagure, nicknamed Aosuke
  • The orange ghost was Otoboke, nicknamed Guzuta