1981 Midway Galaga Upright Arcade Machine

1981 Midway Galaga Upright Arcade Machine
1981 Midway Galaga Upright Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 15092
Monitor: Wells Gardner 19K4600
Size D x W x H: 33” x 24 3/4” x 67 1/4”
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A true classic that is fun to play. This all original dedicated game in a very solid cabinet is waiting for you to take it home. Has been cleaned and gone through. Fully rebuilt monitor with new capacitors. New LED marquee light.

Moving along the bottom of the screen, you shoot at the enemies either in formation or as they fly about. Most enemies are destroyed by one hit, but the Galagas take two hits they turn blue when hit once. You must avoid being hit by enemies and their fire. You must also be aware of the Galaga's tractor beam, which can capture your ship a captured ship turns red. To free the captured ship, you must destroy the captor Galaga while it is attacking you, otherwise the captured ship will be destroyed. When you free a captured ship, it will dock alongside your current ship, thus creating a dual ship.