1982 Atari Millipede Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

1982 Atari Millipede Cocktail Table Arcade Machine
1982 Atari Millipede Cocktail Table Arcade Machine
Price: $750.00
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: CK00321
Monitor: Electrohome G07-FBO
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A nice all original machine. The monitor has been rebuilt with new capacitors and a new flyback to last another 40 years. The game PCB has been fully gone through with new sockets and some components to last a lifetime. Trackballs have been cleaned and gone through and work as they should. Cabinet is very nice and solid. This is one of those cabinets that can be raised up to standing height or lowered to cocktail height for game play. New power cord has been added. Takes coins or can be left on free play for coinless home play.

Sequel to Centipede. Defend yourself from hordes of larger-than-life insects. The bugs keep coming -- all kinds -- and the challenge continues while the intensity increases. Although this game utilizes the same format and controls as CentipedeMillipede offers many extra elements that test your skill limits. You still shoot from the bottom of the screen at a field of mushrooms, but instead of battling the original four insects, you now face a deadlier variety of enemy bugs: millipedes, spiders, bees, beetles, earwigs, inchworms, dragonflies, and mosquitoes. Naturally, each of these insects has unique characteristics that must be studied.