1982 Bally Midway Baby Pac-Man Arcade Machine

1982 Bally Midway Baby Pac-Man Arcade Machine
1982 Bally Midway Baby Pac-Man Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 1235
Monitor: Wells Gardner K4800
Size D x W x H: 37" x 22 3/4" x 67 3/4"
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A super nice all original working machine. Very solid cabinet. Has original manual. Original keys. Has had the control panel overlay changed at one point, looks great. New 5101 NVRAM battery eliminator has been added. New leg levelers.

This was the first video/pinball combo game from Bally (Granny and the Gators being the second). In the video mode, you control Baby Pac-Man in a familiar Pac-Man like maze, gobbling dots and fruit while avoiding ghosts that are very smart and very fast. The red ghost actually moves faster than Baby Pac-Man. The first thing the seasoned Pac-Man player notices is that there are no power pellets initially on the screen! The player must earn power pellets by exiting to the pinball section.

In the pinball section, the player can advance the fruit that is displayed on the level, increase the speed of Baby Pac-Man as he runs through the two side exits and, most importantly, earn power pellets (one to four) by spelling "PacMan" or hitting the loop ball that resides behind the drop targets at the top of the playfield.