1987 Gottlieb Monte Carlo Pinball Machine

1987 Gottlieb Monte Carlo Pinball Machine
1987 Gottlieb Monte Carlo Pinball Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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A+ game that has a gambling theme (in fact it's even located in one of Europe's finest casino sites) is Gottlieb's 1987 "Monte Carlo"! Pure roulette beauty... in a pinball machine! Monte Carlo is the best target games of its era and possibly to date! It is fast and furious! This game “IS NOT” trying to be something it isn’t! IT’S A TARGET GAME!!! Bonus is, it has TWO ramps, THREE ball multi-ball, captive/lock ball, Bonus $10,000,000 skill shot, extra ball, special, save ball and a moving, spinning roulette wheel! The WINNER topper is included with this game! Original owners manual also included!!

It’s been completely serviced and shopped. For a full list of what has been done, see below:

-Every single board in this game have been gone through, and either replaced, or bulletproofed
-All ground mods have been completed in the entire machine for added reliability for many years to come
- Playfield has been completely stripped down, cleaned thoroughly, and then waxed
-Brand New, Bright, Warm white LED's installed throughout all of the general Illumination bulb inserts throughout the entire playfield.
-All switches on the playfield has been cleaned for added accuracy
-All Brand New Playfield Rubbers.
-All playfield plastics were cleaned and polished.
-All playfield posts were cleaned so they look brand new.
-All Brand New pinball balls Installed.
-All metal on the playfield and on exterior of the cabinet were cleaned and polished.
-Cabinet cleaned.

The displays are nice and bright. The cabinet is solid and the typical markings on the exterior for its age. The playfield is just about flawless!